Robs Graduation

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Robs Graduation

Post by Wombat48 »

One of my favourite stories on the old board- does anyone have a copy?
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Re: Robs Graduation

Post by Brian »

This might be the story you remember.
It was posted in the "Reposted" section of the old board and credited to an author called Jamie.
I've removed just one very small passage to ensure the story complies with our board rules.


Rob was having a great day. The sun was shining, he’d already had three pints and his parents could not have been more proud. After all, Rob was the first in the family to go to uni. Not only had he been to uni but he’d graduated with a 2:1 in Law and had a well-paid job to go to down in London. Not bad for a kid who came from a council estate and went to the local comprehensive. Still this had never held him back, Rob was a lads lad and a hit with the girls.

Rob was just finishing his fourth pint with his mates, when his parents called him:
‘Come on Rob, everyone’s going in, you can’t be late for your own graduation.’
Rob downed the rest of his pint and rushed over to his parents.
‘Do you reckon I’ve got time for a quick pee?’ asked Rob.
‘Rob, everyone’s going in, we’re already at the back of the queue, come on.’
‘Ah well’ Rob thought to himself, he didn’t need to go that badly anyway.

Rob took a programme for the afternoon and found his place amongst the hundreds of other graduates. Luckily enough Rob was sat next to his mate Greg, who he had become close mates with both through Law School and the uni football team. Although they were from totally different backgrounds, Greg had been educated at a really good private school in Buckinghamshire and his parents had a huge house there, the two lads had lots of common ground and got on really well.
‘Have you seen how long this thing’s gonna last?’ asked Greg.
‘I know, I wouldn’t mind but I haven’t been for a piss and I’ve had four pints.’
‘Your gonna be bursting!’
‘I’m Ok now, but I don’t know how long this thing’s gonna go on for.’

Everyone sat in silence, as the Dean of the University spoke, the Dean of the Law School, then the Dean of English, the list seemed to go on and on. Finally, it was the turn of the last speaker. By now an hour had passed and those four pints were working their way through Rob’s bladder.
‘Come on’ Rob whispered to Greg.
‘Still need a piss?’ asked Greg.
‘Yeah four pints worth’ Rob muttered.
Rob looked at the programme, there were hundreds of people graduating and Robs name was almost slap band in the middle.
Luckily for Greg, the robes he was wearing allowed himself to grab his c*ck without anybody really seeing, even Greg. Another hour passed, Rob was now desperate; he could feel sweet pouring down his face and from his armpits.
‘sh*t mate you look really nervous, are you scared you might fall over or something and embarrass yourself?’
‘Scared of wetting my pants more like, I’m bursting’
‘Oh well nearly our turn.’
Then it came; Rob’s name was announced.
Rob really did not want to let go of his c*ck, fearing that he was about to piss himself, but he could hardly go up in front of all those people holding it. He walked up to the front trying to hold his know between his legs. Before he knew it, he’d made it and he was sat down again. However then came the realisation that he was stuck in the middle of hundreds of people and still needed a piss. Oh well, at least he’d been up now. Another half hour passed and Rob’s whole body was aching, he was in agony, never before had he needed a piss this bad before. [mod edit: very small passage removed here to comply with board rules] this time he was in a room full of people his own age, and he was now 21.

Another ten minutes passed, a little bit of piss escaped but he managed to regain control. He looked down. Nothing. His pants looked completely dry, but he knew his boxers would be wet. Another five minutes passed and a new wave of cramp overcame his bladder. He let out another spurt, this time it was bigger. He felt the crotch of his trousers under his robes, they were damp, but still nothing was visible. Only ten more people to go and Rob was home and dry, well not quite.

Finally it was over, and people started to move. By this point Rob didn’t care what people were thinking, he grabbed his c*ck as he made his way out. Another wave of piss came, he felt his leg get wet, but still nothing was visible, he stared frantically at his shiny black shoes, half expecting to see a stream of piss but nothing. By this point, Rob had forgotten about his parents, the only thing he could think about was getting to a toilet. The queue moved slowly out of the double doors. Rob had lost Greg by this point and was now pushing his way past people. He was outside, Greg wracked his brains to think of where the nearest toilets were, Rob made his way to the student union. Luck however was not on his side. There was a massive queue and only two urinals. Turns out he wasn’t the only one who needed the loo. Rob had to think fast. He thought of the big toilets down in the bar. Another stream of hot piss dampened his boxers and trickled down his leg. Rob momentarily looked at his shoes again; a little trickle of piss was there but not really enough for anyone to notice. Good job he’d chosen a black suit and not a grey one or else he’d be in trouble. He hurried down the stairs to the bar. He pushed past people on the stairs still holding his wet c*ck. He flung open the bar toilet doors. There was a queue, not as big as the last but still a queue.
‘Mate please can I push in I’m desperate, I’m nearly pissing myself’ he said to a long-haired surfer looking guy.
‘Dude I gotta go bad too’
But it was too late, Rob was pissing he looked down as it ran down his shoes onto the floor.
‘Dude your pissing yourself, man your fucking pissing yourself.’
With those words, the queue almost moved to one side as a space at the urinal became free. Rob grabbed his pissing c*ck out of his trousers and pissed freely. At last. It was like heaven. The guy next to him, who had clearly had a few, began to chant:
‘He’s pissed his pants, he’s pissed his pants, he’s pissed his pants.’
Some others joined in too. Rob surveyed the damage. His trousers didn’t look too bad since they were black, but they felt wet. Rob waited for a cubicle. Once inside, he pulled down his pants to look at his boxers. They were a light grey colour and they were soaking. How would he explain this to his parents?
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