How Long Non-Omo People Pee

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How Long Non-Omo People Pee

Post by Fred » ... al/4281349

(Names and irrelevant comments deleted)

How long is your average piss?

I reckon mine is about 20 seconds but I've never timed (or averaged) it.

21 seconds
Happy with that

40 seconds maybe

20 seconds sounds about right

The longest piss I've ever heard lasted well over a minute. It was amazing and something I'll remember forever.

I always try to hold it 
for as long possible.
The feeling of an extra long piss is strangely wonderful.

people who are saying more than 20/30 seconds. 
are you sure?

^i've actually timed myself before. what feels like a minute is only actually 20 seconds. it's disappointing.

just did one
14 seconds.

If you're in the house/at work they tend to be shorter cause you just go whenever you
can. Right guys?

Just nailed an eleven seconder, not including shake off.
Medium power.
Quite disappointed.

5 - 10 seconds average
have hit almost a minute before though, that was incredibly boring

^^in Lonesome Dove
McMurtry describes this cowboy waking up and taking fully five minutes to pee...and me thinking, what's this guy have, a 2-foot horse schlong? Heh.

20 seconds or so sounds about right 
But sometimes they go on forever, like, a minute +, it's ridiculous and annoying.
Subthread - Has anyone ever done a wee and had it smell of sugar puffs?

I'm remarkably fast.
It's a skill.

i always feel like i piss for a shorter time than anyone else in the public toilets
like, oh fuuuu i'm not that manly with a long piss

I woke up in the middle of the night the other week
and to avoid waking my housemates by going downstairs pissed into an empty 1 litre Volvic bottle. I almost filled it to the brim. That’s basically a litre of piss!! 
How the hell does your body store a litre of piss??!?

I timed it earlier
15 seconds 
I might save it up tomorrow and go for a long one. 
Will let you know how it goes. 
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Re: How Long Non-Omo People Pee

Post by Wombat48 »

Interesting! Average for me is about 1 minute 🙂
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Re: How Long Non-Omo People Pee

Post by Fred »

Wombat48 wrote: 11 Jul 2019, 17:05 Interesting! Average for me is about 1 minute 🙂
Exactly my point! On "omo" sites the majority of posters pee much longer, whereas at this one 20 seconds seems to be the norm, and a couple of the posters seem to find it remarkable that someone would pee for as long as a minute.

My (not accurate) rule of thumb has been that if a typical male pees for a full minute, that's a full liter. Using that for estimation, 20 seconds would have a man peeing out about a third of a liter, which is maybe half the capacity of an average bladder and just at the point where someone might first feel the need. I guess these guys run to the potty at the first twinge.
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Re: How Long Non-Omo People Pee

Post by Fred »

I found this male urination habits study online. The results were in chart form, and I don't know what will happen to its formatting when I post here. But I'll paste it in and see:

Two hundred eighty-one asymptomatic males returned interpretable 24-hour diaries. Mean age was 34 years (range 18-66). Mean BMI was 26 (range 19-43). Subjects were 160 (57%) Caucasian, 93 (33%) African American, 15 (5%) Asian and 13 (5%) Hispanic. Forty-four (28%) patients recorded at least one nocturic episode.

Diary variable

Mean +/- st. dev (range) (n=281 except where noted)

Total voids / 24 hours

7 +/- 2.5 (2-21)

Mean voided volume (mL)

262 +/- 118 (58-980)

Maximum voided volume (mL)

429 +/- 219 (90-1550)

Total fluid intake (mL)

2742 +/- 1283 (500-10,520)

Voids per liter intake

3 +/- 1.4 (0.6-10.0)

Daytime voids

7 +/- 2.3 (2-19)

Daytime diuresis rate (mL/min) N=249
1.3 +/- 0.8 (0.2-6.5)

Nighttime voids

0.3 +/- 0.6 (0-3)

Nighttime diuresis rate (mL/min) N=174
1 +/- 0.6 (0.1-4.0)

24-hour urinary frequency was related to total urine volume (beta = 1, p<0.001), total fluid intake (beta =0.3, p<0.001) and inversely related to mean voided volume (beta =-0.8, p<0.001) but was independent of subject age, race and BMI. Logistic regression demonstrated that nocturnal diuresis rate was directly related to reports of nocturia (B=2.6, p=0.001) while Caucasian race and higher mean voided volume (B = -0.01, p=0.001) meant subjects were less likely to report any nocturic episode. Age was not found to predict
independently predict a report of nocturia. Mean voided volume fell with aging (beta = -0.07, p=0.03).
This preliminary study documents the urinary habits of 281 asymptomatic American adult males. The results suggest that the use of a cutoff of 8 to define abnormal urinary frequency may not be correct for all American men. Further, since urinary diary variables depend on patient characteristics including age and rce, it is probably incorrect to apply a single set of normative values to all men in North America because of the significant variability in regional climates and populations. Our results may be useful in counseling of men with lower urinary tract symptoms, and in the design of research trials concerning therapy for lower urinary tract symptoms. We were unable to fully explore the effects of aging on normal urinary habits because we recruited relatively few older men to this study.
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Re: How Long Non-Omo People Pee

Post by Adrian6970 »

I'd say my average pee was 30-45 seconds.
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