Close encounters with peeing yourself? (as an adult)

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Close encounters with peeing yourself? (as an adult)

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Close encounters with peeing yourself? (as an adult) ... t.1264950/


So today I came close to 5 minutes away from peeing myself. I have a strange sleep schedule due to my job that usually involves waking up at 11am and going to sleep around 4am.

This morning I awoke to my parents banging on my door. They needed a ride to the airport to get their TSA passes and as the parking garages were full they needed me to drive them and then pick them up. This knock came at 7am.

Given I had only had 3 hours of sleep and didn't want to fall asleep at the wheel, I brewed up about 16 ounces of coffee and pounded that sucker down. This was my first mistake of the morning.


Fast forward a bit and I drop my parents off at the airport (LGA airport btw). I now need to find something to do for an hour, so I drive around the area. Got the call to come back and pick them up, and it was time to head back to the airport.

At this moment I had that slight tingling sensation in my bladder that I might need to take a piss. I figured I could brush it off and just go to the restroom when I got home. This was my second mistake.


I get to the airport, parents get in the car, and we get on the highway. It is at this moment where my bladder goes from 90% full to a like 150% over capacity. I began to feel this burning sensation down there. But I've had this happen before. Figured I could hold it until I got home by clenching. This was my final mistake.


Suddenly I notice traffic stopped up ahead. There was a huge traffic backup due to an accident ahead on the road. It was then I decided I had to get somewhere to use the restroom. I was seriously considering just pulling over to the concrete shoulder on the side of the road where everyone could see and taking a piss right in front of my parents. I was having crazy thoughts. It was like I had become a completely different human being.

There was no can in the car, no bottle, no other options. After 30 minutes of agonizing pain, I manage to get off on an exit and see a CVS pharmacy. I run inside, ask where the restroom is, and it's out of order. I'm pretty sure it was some insane stroke of luck that I did not just pee right there in the middle of the pharmacy.

I found some way to muster up the energy to try the supermarket 2 blocks down. I get in, jolt down full speed to the restroom, and as I'm sprinting go figure there is a cop waiting to use the men's restroom. To give you an idea of how badly I needed to go, the cop was on his walky and I interrupted him to ask if I could go ahead. Fortunately he was nice enough to not only let me go ahead, but said I should just go in the women's restroom (which was open).

It was one of the best pee's of my life. In the future, I shall never drink that much coffee before getting in a car driving around airport traffic.


TLDR: Drank too much coffee, almost pee'd myself, cop let me use woman's restroom. Best pee of life?

So Gaf, any near peeing yourself experiences to share?


So I have a coworker A who has this problem that he can suddenly really get a huge need to pee. He told me that when it's really bad, the amount of urine he dispenses is over 70 cl, which sounds like a lot, so I can understand that his need can be pressing. Anyway, he has shared with me a couple of funny stories.

So, before he and his girlfriend moved into a place together, he was sharing a flat with another coworker B. During a coffee break I asked A how that used to work out for them. And he said it was usually fine, but that the one problem they had is that B liked to take really long showers, and that could cause some issues when A really had to take a pee. So this one time it got really bad, and to save himself from an accident he had to relieve himself in a 50 cl soda bottle.

We all laughed about this, but I thought about it for a while. So a couple of weeks ago, he had said that he pees around 70 cl. And I had wondered for a minute how he could have known such an oddly specific number. Like how had he gone around determining that? And now I put two and two together. So he must have realised this the one time he had had to use a 50 cl soda bottle to pee. But this had some disturbing implications. What had happened to the final 20 cl of pee? So I asked him about it, and you could tell from his face that I had hit the jackpot, and that he had fucked up in oversharing these pieces of information. So at this point there was nothing for it and he felt compelled to admit to us that he had had to empty the final part of his reservoir in his kitchen sink. We all had a good laugh about this. He told us that he had cleaned up the evidence very thoroughly and made us swear never to tell the full story to his ex flat mate or girlfriend who only knew about the bottle part of the story.


Was driving home from my parent's vacation home by myself because wife and kid were staying with them for the week. Opted for a night drive to avoid traffic and chugged a Starbucks energy drink after getting gas. Windows down, music blasting, no traffic, it was a great night for a drive. About 2 hours into the drive it hits me and I gotta find a bathroom. Unluckily for me I had already left the more rural part of the drive where I could have just pulled onto the shoulder. I exited the freeway and followed my GPS to the closest grocery store. "Sorry, our bathrooms are closed after 1am." FUUCK!

The kid told me there was a corner store a few blocks away but when I got back to my car I was about to burst. There were people in the parking lot so I couldn't piss outside my car and there were no other businesses in sight. Out of ideas my eyes locked onto the empty energy drink can... would it be big enough? Figuring I'd cross that bridge when I came to it I positioned myself so I could put my dick right at the mouth of the can and released. It was the most amazing feeling pee ever, even though I did have to cut the stream early because the can was full. I tossed it in a trash can and felt empty enough to continue my drive.


Interesting topic for a first post.

This happened a couple of months ago, I was driving to a trail centre to go cycling for the day and about half way into the journey I started needing a piss t but i thought I'd hold it (I didnt want to stop at a service station and leave my bike on the roof). Got more and more desperate the nearer I got and ended up taking a wrong turn which added another 5 minutes to my journey.

Finally got to the trail centre and panicked as there was nowhere to park so I ended up dumping the car and blocking in 2 people in their spaces. Had to sprint to where I thought the toilets would be and ended up having to ask someone where they were as I hadn't been there before.

Thankfully got to the unrinals in time and sheer bliss was experienced.
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Re: Close encounters with peeing yourself? (as an adult)

Post by Fred »

Good ones! Most of them reinforce the observation that young men are subject to either drinking diuretic fluids like coffee without any plan for releasing it, or that they can be overly optimistic about how long they can hold it.

This caught my eye: "I began to feel this burning sensation down there. But I've had this happen before. Figured I could hold it until I got home by clenching." Here we have a fellow that (maybe often) fails to pee when he could/should and uses his voluntary muscles to hold it in. My kind of guy!
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