Theme Park Bathrooms in Line for Ride

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Theme Park Bathrooms in Line for Ride

Post by JayOkay »

It’ll be a day long remembered – the Flight of Passage queue finally has restrooms!

It’s been called Soarin’ on steroids and guests will line up before the sun rises just to ensure they’re not at the wrong end of a three-hour line. It’s not just opening weekend that has demanded such long waits, it’s a nearly daily occurrence years later that requires careful planning and a trusty alarm clock. If, however, you haven’t done your homework and you find yourself in a line that literally snakes out of the land itself, you might find the Starbucks you foolishly stopped for passing through you before you are able to make it into the link chamber. It’s not just you either, many a guest has confronted the reality of their situation, deep in the caves of Pandora, surrounded by carefully woven totems, ancient paintings, and even a scientific lab, but no restrooms! Unfortunately, some guests had to do the unthinkable and find an exit hallway to go to the restroom in without losing their place in a line that they’ve dedicated hours to already. That’s not speculation either, multiple confirmations of such events have been raised over the years.

That leads us to today, and the grand opening of mid-queue restrooms in the Flight of Passage queue. Cast Members say that it’s been under construction for months and it is finally open to guests. Located in a portion that is just before a bioluminescent section of the queue, it’s a little bit more than halfway through and it will surely be a welcome sight. Here’s a look at the new Flight of Passage mid-queue restrooms!

The two unisex restrooms are controlled by a Cast Member that will ask your entire party to step aside while you use the facilities. When you’re done, the Cast Member will stop the line and let your entire party join the queue again. You won’t be right where you left off, but you’ll be in much better shape than leaving the winding queue entirely. When asked about the popularity of the restrooms on their opening day, a Cast Member simply responded “very”.


Very interesting that they had to add these, wonder what kind of desperate situations might have emerged in this line?
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Re: Theme Park Bathrooms in Line for Ride

Post by Fred »

I'm not a theme park person, but I've read a number of posts regarding the long waiting lines, and that for some especially popular places it may take you two or three hours to get your turn. The parks may find that they're doing a lot of cleanup because of this. I suspect that some patrons simply wear an adult diaper.
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