Didn't Make it Into the Bottle

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Didn't Make it Into the Bottle

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I found this on my "naughty drive" and couldn't find it in the list here:

http://peeboner.wordpress.com/tag/male- ... n-stories/

Didn’t Make It Into the Bottle

Posted by peeboner on December 25, 2011

I planned for my first post to be about the slight desperation I was under earlier at a friend’s house, or even pee push-ups. But an even more urgent moment just struck me out of nowhere and I thought I’d share.

I’ve been working at the computer for a good hour or so, and wanted to get the project I was working on completed before I took a piss. For most of the last hour I have felt only a slight need to pee, nothing urgent – definitely not anywhere near desperate. I was really getting into the project I was working on, when suddenly a wave of desperation hits me hard and I have to pee like no other.
My heart is racing, I’ve got a semi-pee boner, and I am reduced to typing with only my right hand as my left hand frantically rotates between grabbing at my penis and stroking it to get it harder so buy myself a little more time so I can complete my project before I have to get up and go to the bathroom. I really hate to break my train of thought to get up to take a leak when I am this close to being done with a project, and I really wanted to finish the last little bit before I relieved myself.

My “plans” fell through. Suddenly, another wave of desperation hit me so hard that all the squeezing, grabbing, pinching, and stroking in the world couldn’t make my dick hold back the torrent of pee that was already making its way down my urethra. The erection wasn’t helping anymore.

This second wave of desperation was so urgent, so acute, that I realized that I wouldn’t even be able to make it the 20 ft to the bathroom; I was going to have to whiz in the bottle of water I had just finished. I stood up from the computer quickly, holding and squeezing my penis with my left hand, frantically trying to get my zipper down with my right, and also trying to figure out a way to grab the bottle which was on the table next to me so I could relieve myself into it.

I gave my penis one last squeeze with my left hand and immediately replaced it with my right hand fishing for my dick, simultaneously reaching for the bottle on the table with my left hand. I got my cock out of my underwear without much of a struggle, but was too quick on the draw and my desperate penis could not hold back the torrents of pee that were in my bladder screaming for release before I could grab the bottle off the table.

Pee shot out of my penis and all over my right hand, which had made an ill-fated attempt to squeeze the head of my penis in the hopes of holding back the flow, but obviously to no avail. “Shit, shit!” I screamed, as I urinated all over my hand, the carpet, and my computer cord. After a second of two I got the stream under control and was able to direct (most of) the stream into the bottle. It was difficult because the mouth of the bottle was very narrow and it was hard to get all of my stream in the bottle.

I ended up pissing all over the carpet which sucks because I am staying with my girlfriend’s relatives for Christmas and it is not my house. I cleaned up the carpet the best I could; I hope they don’t smell the pee tomorrow! But shit, that piss felt GREAT.
Merry Christmas, everyone!
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