When Athletes gotta go...where do they go?

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Re: When Athletes gotta go...where do they go?

Post by Brian »

Great article.
I wonder if Don McKinnon would still have been fined if he had adopted Russell Packer's solution. The subtle but significant difference between the way those two dealt with their bursting bladders on the pitch is demonstrated by the photos of them: McKinnon directed it away from himself and onto the ground, but Packer wet his shorts.
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Re: When Athletes gotta go...where do they go?

Post by Fred »

I suppose some athletes have inflated macho egos and a lack of modesty that allows them to relieve themselves somewhat publicly. It doesn't happen all that often, so I wonder - do they have smaller than average bladders, or did they just not bother to pee before going on to the field? If they didn't bother, is it because "I can always hold it - I do it all the time."
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