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Post by Fred »

A Merry Christmas to all. Not as merry as we want right now, but better days are coming. There is light at the end of the tunnel.

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Re: Christmas!

Post by Dazza88 »

Definitely not as Merry as we want. Sadly I was stuck in Scotland thanks to our own little tyrant queen but I feel worse for the truckers stuck down in Kent. At least the people there have been charitable to them by bringing food etc. The true spirit of Christmas at least seems to be alive for some.

All the best for 2021 guys :)

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Re: Christmas!

Post by Brian »

Yes, I hope everyone's managing to make the best of really awful circumstances this year. It can only get better from now. Be of good cheer. :D

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Re: Christmas!

Post by Wombat48 »

Happy Christmas!! 🙂

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Re: Christmas!

Post by greatwater »

Merry Christmas, people. Sorry for being late!
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