Reposting and Copyright: IMPORTANT: please read

Reposted material. Such as stories that have been copied from other sites and are not your own. If they are your own, you may put them in the 'stories' section. When posting please link to the original URL and the author. Please remember to copy the story in full.
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Reposting and Copyright: IMPORTANT: please read

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This section is for stories, articles and written experiences which we find elsewhere online.

When posting, please include (1) a link to the source, (2) a credit of the author's name (where possible), and (3) the text of the item.

Please remember that no sexual references are permitted in this General & Open area. There is a separate section in the Stronger area, open to those members who have been granted access, where articles including mild sexual references can be reposted.

Edited on 7 May 2023 to add:

Items which have never been freely available online, for example because they are behind a paywall, must not be posted.

Items which cannot be linked because the website from which they were taken no longer exists, or because the item has been removed from the website, can be posted in good faith if the (old) website where they originated is clearly mentioned as well as the author's name. This measure is being taken to allow old pieces of writing which were freely available online, but no longer are, to be posted despite no current link being available.

AUTHORS: If you see your writing posted here and if you feel that it should not be on the site, please make an account here (if you don't already have one) and report the posting by clicking on the exclamation mark above that posting, or send a personal message to any active member of the staff team, and we will remove your work from the site immediately. We take copyright issues on this site very seriously.