Welcome to Lads Pissing

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Welcome to Lads Pissing

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Welcome to Lads Pissing.

As the title suggests, we are a community of broad minded adults who are interested in all things related to male watersports and omorashi, in other words peeing, needing to pee, and pee "accidents", by adult males. Please feel welcome to share your ideas, stories and experiences on this subject. When posting please treat all other contributors with friendliness and respect at all times.

We welcome:
stories, experiences, images and video material which are related to adult male urination and which contribute to this site's friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

We do not allow:
  • any references to children and young people under the age of 18 or even any settings such as schools in which children and young people can be expected. (Higher education settings such as colleges and universities in which the subjects are clearly all over 18 years are no problem.) Any postings violating this policy will be removed immediately and a warning or ban will be issued as appropriate.
  • any references to sex within this "General and Open" section. Forum members who have posted a certain number of times and have shown that they are interested in our subject matter may at some point be granted access to the "Stronger Interests" section which is hidden from more general view, and in this stronger section some mild sexual references are permitted. However, any postings which the staff of Lads Pissing consider to violate our site host's terms https://my.hosting.co.uk/terms.php will be removed and the poster will receive a warning.
If you have any questions about the site, what we welcome and what is not permitted, please send a Personal Message to any member of the staff team
(see link to The Team at the bottom of the page), preferably someone who is currently actively posting as we all take breaks now and then. We are here to help and answer any questions you may have.