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The Most Full My Bladder Has Ever Been

Posted: 26 May 2023, 19:36
by Fred ... ever_been/

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The Most Full My Bladder Has Ever Been


To preface the story, I am 25M with an athletic build. I like to think I have a pretty strong bladder, have never actually measured the capacity, but perhaps that would be a good story down the road.

I recently wanted to attempt a fun challenge: drinking a six pack of beer within three hours and not peeing until I had finished (with a minimum of 30 minute waiting period after it was all gone). I was pretty confident going into it that I would have no problem, but as usual, I vastly underestimated how quickly beer can fill me up. I drank the first two within the first 40 minutes, and didn't feel the need to go all that bad. I let a bit of time go by since I was ahead of the schedule I had set for myself (one beer every 30 minutes). I then started on the third and about halfway through, started to feel the need to go. Nothing urgent, but a solid 4/10.

I was about an hour and a half in, with three beers quickly traveling to my bladder. As I was drinking the fourth beer, it started to get urgent. I was two hours in at this point, with four beers consumed. My desperation had really started to kick in, and I was quickly up to a 8/10. I could not sit still for more than 10 seconds, and found myself squeezing my crotch regularly. I was not sure I'd make it through another two beers.

It got to the point where I had to be moving. I was pacing around the room, bending over from time to time, just to alleviate any pressure I could from my bulging bladder. I finished up the fifth beer but was really starting to struggle. My bladder was rock solid, nearly full to the brim. It was so heavy and there was a constant dull ache, letting me know there was no room left. I had managed to stay dry, which I was very happy about. Had a feeling that may not be the case for much longer.

As I started on the last beer, a huge wave of desperation hit me, and I grabbed myself as tight as I could. I was so full and my bladder just needed to release all of the liquid inside of it. I stood there, hunched over, grunting and squirming trying to make it through the severe wave. I could barely do it. I was clenching so hard I was literally seeing stars. I thought it was all over. For a second, my muscles gave in and I felt a gush of pee force its way out. Oh the sweet moment of relief, quickly ended by my firm grip closing off my pee hole. With slightly wet underwear, and trembling bladder muscles, I was at least determined to finish the last beer. I decided to sit down, so I could use my legs to squeeze myself. I knew I didn't have much time, so I did my best to chug the beer.

I made it through all six! I was in absolute agony at this point. My bladder had never been so full, and was protruding out from the waistband of my boxer briefs. I knew I wasn't going to make it another 30 minutes. Every single heartbeat sent a shockwave through my body. My bladder was throbbing and felt like it was about to pop like a balloon. I was grunting and moaning walking circles around my room. My p*nis was filled to the tip with pee, leaking little drops every so often. I was so desperate I couldn't think straight. All I knew was that I needed to go somewhere to pee ASAP. My body was shaking from the extreme need, and unfortunately for me, walking down the hall to the bathroom was basically not an option any more. I needed to pee NOW. I could barely move. My head was spinning and my bladder muscles were quivering, almost constantly letting drips out into my less than dry underwear.

I was scrambling trying to find something in my room I could pee in. My trash can was my only option. I hobbled over to it and had to dump the papers out onto the floor. I was hanging on my a thread. I was pretty much losing it at this point, with leaks dripping out every other second. In between leaks, I was able to clench enough to not have a full on accident. My body was about to give in. I clenched hard one last time and ripped my underwear down. With drips still leaking out of me, I pointed myself at the trash can and after all of that time, my bladder gave in and a TORRENT of pee came blasting out. The relief crashed over me as I stood there, head back, mouth open just gushing pee into the plastic trash bin. I went for what felt like ages, and just when I thought it was slowing, more continued to pour out. This was definitely the most full I've ever been, and was one of the best experiences of my life.

Hope you enjoyed and think I'll be doing this again in the near future. Any suggestions to make it better?

Re: The Most Full My Bladder Has Ever Been

Posted: 26 May 2023, 20:52
by googlism2008
Hot story, thanks for sharing. Too bad he never measured how much he peed, although I appreciate that in that state he wasn't able to. Often, input does not equal output.

Re: The Most Full My Bladder Has Ever Been

Posted: 26 May 2023, 23:20
by Brian
Yes, very hot and exciting to read. Thanks Fred.

Re: The Most Full My Bladder Has Ever Been

Posted: 27 May 2023, 04:40
by Wombat48
Yeah would love to know how much he peed ? That's a lot of liquid + the diuretic effect of the alcohol