Cop Wets Himself In Front of an Audience

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Cop Wets Himself In Front of an Audience

Post by Shinji09 »

I've just discovered this amazing site - I just can't believe how many experiences people have got to relate! I've been flicking through the 'old' pages and one in particular caught my eye - a correspondent asked about how people cope when they have jobs which prevent them from using a toilet when needed. It relates to the only 'wetting' accident I've ever seen an adult male have.
My girlfriend and I were in London when Andrew and 'Fergie' got married and we went to join the crowds to watch the event. We found a place on the Mall, having arrived early, and we were almost pinned to the crash barriers by the throngs of people. After several hours there must have been many bursting bladders amongst the crowd (ours included!)and it wasn't possible to get out even if you'd really had to. Although I didn't witness anything, no doubt a few ingenious methods for relief were discovered.

However, we seem to forget that 'officials' also have natural frailties and it was my g! irlfriend who first noticed that the young policeman standing just in front of us appeared to be in considerable discomfort. He was shifting from foot to foot and kept rubbing his shoe up and down the back of his thigh. Once or twice he pressed his legs tightly together and was looking all around him, presumably for some means of relief. This went on for about half an hour and the poor bloke must have been in agony.
Eventually the royal carriages started passing us and whilst the crowds were going crazy, this particular policeman was also going frantic with anguish, trying to hide his predicament but not making a very good job of it - to me anyway, as I had witnessed the build-up!

As the carriages passed, everyone was screaming and yet I could scarcely keep my eyes off this policeman as he was almost bent forwards trying not to have an 'accident' in his uniform. All of a sudden I noticed a very small puddle forming next to his shoe and he immediately walked about! a yard away leaving a wet footmark. I yanked my girlfriend's arm and pointed to the evidence and we watched as the young officer abandoned his post and just pushed through the crowds until he was standing on the grass just behind us. He just stood still, almost gasping, looking at the floor and he must have completely wet his pants. We couldn't see anything emerging from his trousers but no doubt he did it down his legs and soaked the grass.

He gave himself away to us though, a few minutes later by squeezing the fronts of his trouser-legs, bit by bit, from thighs to ankles and then we saw him taking his shoes off and rubbing them dry down the sides of his trousers. The crowds were moving by this time and we soon lost sight of him, no doubt heading away from the scene of his humiliation. I would imagine that his dark uniform trousers gave little away but I'd love to have followed him to see if his doutbless dripping socks and trouser-leg cuffs gave the game away. I w! onder if he kept it a secret from everyone else?

Anyone else know of officials wetting themselves 'on duty'?
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Re: Cop Wets Himself In Front of an Audience

Post by Fred »

A good one! I believe that the police dress trousers are made of wool (delightful in summer) and may not show wetness very well, so the real visible evidence was the puddle at his feet.
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Re: Cop Wets Himself In Front of an Audience

Post by Brian »

I lived in the UK at that time and remember the occasion (though I didn't go to London to see it).

This is naturally highly reminiscent of Lee's story about PC Jake Cleary at a later royal festive occasion!

It clearly does happen. This writer obviously remembers a true occasion vivdly.
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